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How Would You Define A Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a small device in which you insert your penis into a cylinder tube that creates a vacuum. This vacuum forces blood to rush into your penis, helping stimulate an erection and temporarily making it appear bigger.

Many penis pumps have a distinct design, depending on the mechanism that creates the vacuum effect. How the vacuum effect is created will depend on the the quality of the ring situated on the base of a pump, the pumping component, and the durability of the cylinder tube where your penis is inserted.

Why Are Penis Pumps Used?

For the medical condition known as erectile dysfunction. They do not cure ED, rather help individuals produce harder, stronger, and slightly bigger erections on demand. Pumps are often used when a supplement, cream, or oil does not produce sufficient results or cause unwanted side-effects.

Their only use is strictly enhancement, which is why they are used as a treatment to temporarily increase erection quality and size.

Types Of Penis Pumps

Two types of vacuum based penis pumps exist. The traditional pump involves a special pump, that can be either a squeeze ball, electrical pump, or a hand-grip. The actual pump produces the vacuum effect inside a cylinder tube where your penis is inserted. A gauge is used to release pressure and a ring located at the base of the cylinder to suction against your skin to maintain pressure levels.

There are also more modern hydro based pumps that require water to help them function. Hydro pumps work in the same manner as a traditional pump, except the cylinder tube fills with water.

The Squeeze Ball

This type of pump is the most common. Picture a blood pressure pump and how it uses a rubber ball that is squeezed to exert pressure onto your upper arm. It’s basically the same kind of squeeze ball used with a penis pump. The ball is attached to an air valve, which is attached to the cylinder tube. Once the valve is closed, the ball can be squeezed to remove air from the interconnected tube, creating the vacuum within the cylinder tube.

More pressure can be produced however much more the ball is squeezed. Pressing the air valve releases pressure. This kind of pump is good for increasing erection hardness and duration.

The Hand-Grip

The hand-grip penis pump is by far the most popular and widely used style of penis pump. It works in the same fashion as other vacuum pumps, expect the hand-grip helps regulate pressure better and as a pumping mechanism, is easier to grip.

The Electric Pump

This style of pump has all of the essentials you could ever need. It offers an advanced electrical pumping mechanism that enables you to fully regulate pressure in conjunction of other settings that can be assigned as needed, of course depending on the brand. Many practitioners prefer this style pump because it is hands-free. Electric pumps are safer to use as they allow precise calibration of pressure and easy handling.

The Hydro Pump

Hydro pumps like BathMate are filled up with water, positioned and sealed over your penis until it touches your pelvic area. Once pressure has built up, the valve that exerts pressure closes, retaining the current pressure volume.

The unique component that enables this device to work effectively is the “gaiter”. The gaiter attempts to expand and tries to return the BathMate to it original volume. Since water situated within the BathMate device acts a solid like fluid, water cannot be compressed, only your penis can. This process expands your penis so the original volume of BathMate is reestablished as water is removed. Not all the water is removed and overtime, more and more water will be removed to help your penis grow! Quite an intuitive device!